Stay Beautiful



The Beach Comber’s Stay Beautiful program is a routine maintenance package designed to keep your beach clean and safe, while looking beautiful all season long. You simply choose the day and frequency you want your beach groomed and we’ll handle the rest! The beach on your property is a valuable asset — clean and protect it so you can spend more time enjoying your beach!

STAY BEAUTIFUL… with Routine Lakeside Beach Grooming

» Our boat and service equipment all arrive lakeside for ease of access and to minimize disruption to the property and homeowner.

» The custom Sandman beach-cleaning machine will go over the entire beach as needed to remove as much debris as possible.

» We will clean trash up to 5 feet into the toe of the bluff. We will shape and rake the beach as needed to loosen debris up to 4 inches deep.

» Large pieces of trash and litter will be removed to an approved waste disposal site.

» Usable firewood (2’h x 4’w x2’d max) will be cut and stacked in a specified location.

» Aerate the sand to increase surface area in order to let the sun destroy harmful bacteria on your beach, such as E. Coli and Staph.

» A final rake for a beautiful beach finish.

STAY BEAUTIFUL… and Keeping the Process Simple

Arriving lakeside is not the only way we make the beach grooming process as smooth as possible!

Simplified Payment Process

» We can have a credit card payment on file, so we can handle your payment only on the days we clean. We can still accept cash, check, or a credit card on the day of service.

E-mail/Text Reminders

» We will always send a reminder the week before your scheduled cleaning.

Know When the Job is Complete

» Pre-departure photographs will be taken and immediately sent to you via e-mail or text as confirmation that the service is complete and your beach looks great!


STAY BEAUTIFUL… It’s More Than Just a Pretty Beach—It’s a Healthy Beach

The Beach Comber knows the value of a well-groomed beach. Regular maintenance not only contributes to the visual appeal, but also to the health and stability of the beach. The Beach Comber’s beach grooming service and Stay Beautiful program recognizes the delicate nature of the beach ecosystem.

Our crew and equipment pay careful attention to the beach as a whole, including the vegetation and surrounding landscape. The aeration process increases the surface area of the sand—allowing the sunlight to destroy harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli and Staph. The grooming service will leave behind some stones, rocks, and pebbles to reduce the risk of significant beach erosion.

beach-groomedOur team monitors the ever-changing (and unpredictable) Lake Michigan conditions and we recognize your beach appearance will adjust and adapt in the days following a grooming service. Nevertheless, you will see and feel an amazing overall difference in the quality of your beach through the course of the Stay Beautiful maintenance program. The Beach Comber is your partner in providing you with the safest, most attractive beach possible.